Why laugh after orgasm

Nov 17, - Don't consider your sex education complete until you know Why We Sometimes Cry (or Laugh) After Sex. Perhaps it's your partner's insistence on humming Celine Dion songs during intercourse, but more likely it's a physiological reaction. "An orgasm instigates the release of powerful hormones, such as. Q. Could you explain why I laugh after ejaculating with my - tribunedigital-chicagotribune Kiera. Age: 24. I am an young natural women, i do not like to play i am someone else,i like to enjoy things and surpraices what the life brings Has it caused a rift in any of your past relationships? I have just started seeing a new man. Everything is fine but there is just something he does that I find a little strange: he bursts out in laughter. Lucy. Age: 28. I am tall, beautiful, Australian- the girl next door + more Q. Could you explain why I laugh after ejaculating with my... Aug 25, - Q. Could you explain why I laugh after ejaculating with my girlfriend? It happens more when we are making love, but also when we are doing other things. A. Some people react to the fantastic experience of having an orgasm by either laughing or crying. Just think of yourself as very fortunate to have. May 13, - Do you laugh, cry, sneeze, twitch or itch after intimate moments? You are not alone. Researchers have identified a phenomenon – and called it the peri-orgasm – to describe the uncontrollable psychological or physical sensations that some people experience after sex. Symptoms include flu-like effects that.

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Becky. Age: 19. I am the total package with skills that will make you melt ?????? Jul 27, - Today's topic is about strange reactions wives experience during/after an orgasm. Here's the reader's question: Strange question, but i'm not really sure where to get more info. Sometimes when I orgasm I shake, all over, uncontrollably but not in a seizure manner. It doesn't happen all the time and I can't. Part of it is amazing feeling I'm left with after but mainly it's just how sensitive I am and her mouth sliding off my member, and this is relative to how good the orgasm was, which is relative to how good the mouth-sex was. Those that this has happened with have all been really great with it, usually laughing. i am 18 yr old i tried fingering once after my bf told me to try it and nw i like it too much.. i feel lyk doing fingering thrice a da Dec 15, 7 Answers. Page 1 of 1. tn? monkeyflower. Totally normal - and for just the reasons you gave. Personally, I think laughter during sex is a wonderful thing ;-).


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