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This Search engine allow you to know exactly which fanfics feature specific pairings between the Ranma 1/2 characters (and even between specific forms for these characters) in a given lemon scene. It is still in the beta stage; any suggestion to improve it will be welcome. To launch a search for a particular lemon pairing (or. Onna Ranma | FanFiction Brooklyn. Age: 25. I'm a young classy lady, educated and I have a career How did she get halfway under Akane's bed? Slowly unfastening the frog ties and taking a deep breath to calm himself, Ranma unintentionally put on a good strip-tease. The Ranma ½ Lemon Stories Archive is an online library of many lemon fanfictions dedicated to the manga and anime series Ranma Nibunnoichi. For those who still don't know, “lemon” means stories with sexual content. If a story is erotic, and features characters from Ranma ½, or inspired by Ranma ½, then its place is. Suzanne. Age: 20. I can accompany you on your business meetings, to a restaurant or just spend an intimately evening with you. "Why Don't You Try Me For Real Some Time?" Erotic Nerima Encounters -: By: HSaotome -: Published: June 26, Updated: August 11, pm -: Rated: Adult ++ -: Chapters: 10 -: Reviews: 9 -: Dragon prints: Located: +M to R > Ranma . This is not a coherent story but rather a collection of individual scenes. There is no continuity or other. Genma Saotome is notorious for two things: getting Ranma engaged, and questionable finances. Promising Ranma to a Yakuza family to escape his debt seemed like a good idea, but that incident in China that leaves his son sometimes looking like a daughter might spoil his plans. Little does he know that Oozora already.

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Santa. Age: 22. Looking for the perfect companion to spice up your vacation or to help making that boring business trip fun? Let me entertain you! It would be my pleasure to meet you in timisoara or anywhere in europe. By: triviatrap Ranma Saotome is definately going through a rather rough night. However, he finds comfort where he lest expects it. WARNING: This contains a story of a sexual nature. If you are under age, do not like Japanese anime, or are easily offended by the following pairing hit either the Back button, or the X. During his fight against Herb, Ryoga and Mousse betray Ranma, getting him locked into his cursed body for ever until Ranko comes from out of nowhere and makes Ranma an offer he can't refuse. In ch. 3, Washio flies . The story of a slightly different Ranma Saotome, with a slightly different fiance. Ranma - Rated: T. Jan 24, - Disclaimer: You may assume that I am Rumiko Takahashi and that I own all rights to the characters mentioned in this story. You'd be wrong, but you may assume it. Warning: While this story has no obscene, profane, or other naughty words, it's not intended for children. (In particular, it's not for my children.


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