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Dec 21, - I'm a recovered Meth Addict (5 years now). But i remember the orgasm when I was high used to last like 5x longer than a normal orgasm. Not only that but it was very intense. Does anyone know what in that drug caused this? I would never go back to that stupid drug (almost ruined my life, and would of if i. Drug Use and Abuse: A Comprehensive Introduction - Howard Abadinsky - Google Книги Tasha. Age: 23. hey Gents! LOL What i experienced maybe was exagerated by saying 10x long, probably more down the lines of the 20 to 30 seconds you said. Just being touched, rubbed, and kissed sends unbelievable waves of phenomenal pleasure coursing through the body. Sep 18, - Colloquially, yes. This is one of the reasons people use meth; they say it increases libido, suppresses the refractory period, prolongs arousal, and makes orgasm more intense. Biologically, this is plausible, given the way meth affects brain chemi Can you have sex on meth? Ottavia. Age: 25. 23 Latine snow bunny mix 5'2 | 36-32-48 What sex is like on (almost) every drug Nov 8, - The drugs increase our heart rates and blood pleasure, which can enhance physical sensation, yet they also often delay orgasm. There are slight differences in the effects of these drugs. Coke generally fades within an hour, while meth can last as long as 11 or 12 hours. But they generally make you feel. May 24, - "Extremely enhanced tactile sensation that I'd describe makes running a finger down the forearm feel velvety and fuzzy, the substance with the strongest effect on empathy and emotion, erection issues and trouble cumming on higher doses. Personally its intrinsically cuddly instead of sexual. Orgasms, if you.

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INES. Age: 27. Hello Gentlemen and welcome to my Profile :) My name is Valery and i am a beautiful, Sexy, Hot Graphic Design Student here in Dublin Some meth users may actually be able to maintain an erection and their sexual stamina for hours, without ever being able to reach a point of climax. So while meth users may use the drug to enhance sexual pleasure, long-term meth use can ultimately put an end to a healthy sex life altogether. Studies have found that. OPIATES: Up-Side: A good dose of opiates will let a guy stay hard for hours w/out (easily) being able to orgasm, allowing him to have sex for longer periods time and to give a girl multiple orgasms. Down-Side: you can't orgasm for a long time, sometimes too long where the girl is done cumming after 2. As with cocaine, in small doses methamphetamine results in illusions of increased mental and sensory alertness and physical strength, an indifference to pain, heartbeat races and metabolism, blood pressure, and pulse soar, and the user can experience feelings that have been described in terms of multiple orgasms.


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