Pain in anus during menstration

Feb 4, - Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone might have a name for my embarrassing disorder. I have shooting rectal pains with my periods. It feels like a knife shooting up through the rectum and going into my lower abdomen. To go to the bathroom is torchure. The pain is so severe it stops me in my tracks and I can't. shooting rectal pain w/periods - Women's Health Message Board - HealthBoards Kenna. Age: 24. Thai style massage call me 702-323-8880 im friendly girl It is currently under investigation by the FDA for causing permanent bone loss, fibromyalgia, loss of sensenation, loss of eyesight, and a plethora of other unmentioned side effects that no doctor will you about. Does anyone else get a sharp pain in their ass during their menstruation? Well, I do it always happen when I am on my period, it only last for about sec. Bethanie. Age: 30. Eyes: Brown Share Information With Women Worldwide Every once in a while, I used to have a severe cramp like anal pain only during my periods. It's association with periods and because it happened ever since I remembered, I thought it was just another of the painful manifestations of menstruation. Being an embarrassing problem, I didn't even ask my friends if they were. For the past two years, I had been dealing with debilitating rectal pain during my periods. It it absolutely earth-shattering. I cannot sit, move, walk, or even go to the bathroom without screaming in pain. My flow was so heavy that I had to wear adult diapers just to catch the flow, and I missed so much work and.

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Carolyn. Age: 22. I am the NAUGHTY PARTY girl you just found May 28, - Rectal pain/sensitivity during a women's menstrual cycle is not experienced in healthy women. You may have an underlying health condition, that is causing your rectal pressure during your period. If you have rectal pressure during your period, you could have endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disorder in. I've been having pain during menstruation for years and I have really irregular periods. I was sometimes getting my period every 2 weeks, then I wouldn't.


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